A company dedicated to the design of novel enzymes

Disruptive enzymes that change the rules

What we do

Ultra efficient enzymes

We have learnt from evolution to improve our future.

We have developed a method to design enzymes with unprecedentedly enhanced properties. Even more, our method allows us launching these new ultra efficient enzymes in extremelly short times.

Disruptive enzymes for a wide range of specialty biotechs and industrial applications.

Our technology

What we offer

  • EvolTRX®

    Our first born baby.

    An extremelly powerful modified Thioredoxine with exciting applications in skin health and neurobiology.

    This promising enzyme is currently under test by various biotech firms and research centres worldwide.

  • EvolCEL®

    Just released.

    A whole new family of enhanced cellulases (ie EG, CBH I, II and β-glucosidase) that even in the harshest environments, remain incomparably active.

    They target a new era in Biomass Cellulose Conversion applications.

  • Tailor made Enzymes

     We like cooperating.

     Although we are active in developing and protecting our own IP, we also like to work with other players interested in developing brand new enzymes for brand new markets.

    Tailor made Enzymes
Who we are

Who we are

A spin off company of the CiC nanoGUNE and the Columbia University, we are a team of science and business people that love what we do.

Fernando Aguirre

Fernando Aguirre


Fernando is a seasoned business developer with 20+ years of experience. He has launched a number of new business ventures throughout his career and leveraged deep industry knowledge.

Raul Perez Jimenez

Raul Perez Jimenez


Dr. Perez-Jimenez is an Ikerbasque Research Professor and Group Leader at CIC nanoGUNE. Raul has extensive expertise in molecular evolution and enzyme design. He is the co-founder of Evolgene

Nerea Barruetabeña

Nerea Barruetabeña

Project Developer

An expert of Molecular and Cell Biology, Nerea is B.Sc in Chemistry and MD in New Materials (UPV/EHU) and is leading our development in the area of cellulases for bioenergy applications.

Contact us

Contact us

Evolgene is located at CIC nanoGUNE

> Tolosa hiribidea 76, E-20018 Donostia San Sebastián

> info@evolgene.com

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